Stop when?

Doing something repeatedly is one of the most important skills in programming. All programming languages have their own ways of doing it. In this post, I want to specifically discuss about stopping this repeating process when we need in JavaScript. We will see the difference between for loops and forEach.

To compare these 2 groups, we will have 4 arrays that have values, some truthy and others falsy. Our goal is to find whether an array has all truthy elements or not. Here they are!

Can you say which are the falsy values~^^?

For Loops

There are 3 kinds of for loops…

Can they co·op·er·ate~^^?

Working together is fun, but, at the same time, it is a hard work! As software engineer, it is a significant job for us to have different programs work together well in our app. In this post, I want to help those who plan to use the possible latest versions of Rails and Bootstrap at this point (3/28/2021): Rails 6.1.3 & Bootstrap 5.0.0.beta2. There must be several working ways, and here is the one I set.

YIELD/wait until a block is executed!!!

One of the most important parts in using templates in Ruby-Sinatra combination (or even Ruby-on-Rails) is how to use the keyword effectively.

Below is most likely your barebone folder structure when you create a Ruby-Sinatra web app:

You have your file in the folder and your view files under directory. Let’s say you have the basic controller and with . See the codes here:

We want this in Medium!!!

If you are a software engineer (or at least a student in the field) and have your blog account on, then chances are that you probably feel what I have felt quite a long time. WE NEED BETTER CODE SNIPPETS!

Here is what you might be doing for your code snippets (more like blocks), by using triple backticks (```):

It practically communicates, but… we want MORE, like line numbers or colorization. Is there a way? YES, there are! I will share with you 2 ways to do that…

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It is hard to know well about your, not just in philosophy, but also in programming. I found it real while I was doing my Ruby CLI app project. Here’s how that happened.

My app is a simple introducer of any country of a user’s choice. To accomplish this goal I have 2 model classes and 2 scraper classes:

Dear Me, Welcome to the world of Software Engineering!

My First Mile Blog Post! The theme? The reason I decided to study Software Engineering. It has been a more-than-two-year-old consideration: to enter, or not to enter.

Back when people could hug each other and eat together at restaurants, during the winter of 2018, my family and I moved to NYC. I needed to find a job to support my family and wanted to try in a new field. Specifically, I wanted to find a career in Software Engineering. In order to pursue this career path, I completed a couple of online courses including a Web Developer Bootcamp. However, the…

Jinook Jung

Blessed beyond description...

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